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  1. nomad

    The Encyclopedia of Addictive Drugs

    The Encyclopedia of Addictive Drugs written by Richard Lawrence Miller, published 2002.
  2. nomad

    Antinalysis: Analyze your bitcoin addresses and check if you're on a watchlist.

    https://antinalysis.org/ An invaluable tool. Use whirlpool to mix your coins to get off a list. Elude.in doesn't work, and if anything, adds you to more.
  3. nomad

    Special Mail Covers, what they are, and why the USPIS had the information regarding them redacted.

    I believe you put it best yourself in your About section: "Innovation fuels our daily goal to shape the future!" Dread was being developed before /r/DarkNetMarkets was shut down, and was actually an innovative platform at the time. But after that ban, it became much, much different. The massive...
  4. nomad

    Special Mail Covers, what they are, and why the USPIS had the information regarding them redacted.

    It actually has been done before, just not in the United States ;) And yes, it became Russia's largest dark net market, and was focused only on dread drops. Who knows what the future holds for other countries once the mailing system becomes too risky? There needs to be inventive for...
  5. nomad

    FBI document shows what data can be obtained from encrypted messaging apps

    What user data can U.S. federal law enforcement obtain from providers of encrypted messaging services? A recently disclosed January 2021 document from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) supplies a concise summary with respect to nine different “secure messaging” apps. It shows that with...
  6. nomad

    Small info dump on USPIS/DEA drug-related procedures and guidelines.

    I have a seemingly endless folder of these documents, so I thought I'd share a few older ones here (most are current and still used/in effect), they still have absolutely critical information for those who need to "know thy enemy", so enjoy! These documents include: FY2020 OSAC Seized Drug...
  7. nomad

    Database of US drug crime legislation

    Adding on to this: https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2021/07/16/2021-15113/schedules-of-controlled-substances-extension-of-temporary-placement-of-n This order, which extends the temporary scheduling order that DEA previously issued for these substances (84 FR 34291, July 18, 2019), is...
  8. nomad

    "Cop Cards" (Keep one in your wallet!)

    CopCards are a pair of simple, direct, credit card sized cards that serve to remind people of their legal rights interacting with police in the United States. Prompt Card The prompt card has everything you need to say to police — no more, no less. You should be able to simply read it verbatim...
  9. nomad

    Special Mail Covers, what they are, and why the USPIS had the information regarding them redacted.

    That requires extraordinary local connections. There's almost an entirely new class of drug user these days, one who is so deeply tied to the Internet that it would only make sense to call them cyber-druggies. And most of these people don't know of any other way to get access to those obscure...
  10. nomad

    How do I get access to the RC section?

    Applying for access. I run a RC vendor list with 80k views on it as of right now (and have been for two years) with the purpose of identifying scam vendors and keeping the community safe. Many of our members are chemists and I'm sure would love to poke their head around in here. I try to be...
  11. nomad

    Special Mail Covers, what they are, and why the USPIS had the information regarding them redacted.

    The DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration, the USPIS (United States Postal Inspection Service), and the DHS (Department of Homeland Security). These agencies work together to bring down people like you. They have unlimited resources, unlimited time, and are ruthless in their pursuit. You will get...
  12. nomad

    Is the war on drugs coming to an end?

    Absolutely not. Go take a look at the DEA's budget for 2022-2023.
  13. nomad

    Where can I find a reliable VPN service provider?

    Please use Mullvad and pay via XMR It's seriously the only VPN I'd ever recommend using.